Tuesday, 19 August 2014


1. State Newton’s third law in your own words.
2. Action and reaction forces always have the _____ strength and act in
_____ directions.
3. You and a friend are sitting across from each other on chairs with
wheels. You push off each other and move in opposite directions.
Explain the following:
a. How does the force you feel compare to the force your friend
b. If your mass is greater than your friend’s mass, how do your
accelerations compare?
4. A book rests on a table. The force of gravity pulls down on the book.
What prevents the book from accelerating downward?
5. Give three examples of Newton’s third law in everyday life. List the
action and reaction forces in each example.
6. What two things does an object require to have momentum?
7. Consider an airplane at rest and a person walking through the airport.
a. Which has greater mass?
b. Which has greater velocity?
c. Which has greater momentum? Explain.
8. Explain the two different ways to calculate impulse.
9. Is the unit used represent impulse the same as the unit for
momentum? Explain.
10. State the law of conservation of momentum in your own words.
11. You and your little cousin are standing on inline skates. You push off
of each other and both move backwards.
a. Which of you moves back at a greater speed? Use the law of
conservation of momentum to explain your answer.
b. How does your impulse compare to your cousin’s impulse?
12. When you jump, you move upward with a certain amount of
momentum. Earth moves downward with an equal amount of
momentum. Why doesn’t anyone notice the Earth’s motion?