Sunday, 28 September 2014


1. If a current i given by i0 sin (ωt-π/2) flows in an ac circuit across which an ac potential of E = E 0 sin ωt has been applied, then the power consumption P in the circuit will be

2. If instantaneous current is given by i= 4 cos( ωt+ø ) amperes, then the r.m.s. value of current is

3. In the adjoining ac circuit the voltmeter whose reading will be zero at resonance is .

4. A LC circuit is in the state of resonance. If c = 0.1 μF and L = 0.25 henry. Neglecting ohmic resistance of circuit what is the frequency of oscillations

5. When V = 100 sin ωt is applied across a series (RLC) circuit at resonance the current in resistance (R = 100Ω ) is i= io sin ωt, then power dissipation in circuit is