Tuesday, 2 September 2014


1)      What do you understand by the term Renewable source of energy ? support your answer  by   
           at      least  four examples.
2)      What are Non Renewable source of Energy? Support  your answer by two examples.

3)      How does solar energy change into chemical  energy of Biomass?

4)      Answer the following questions regarding the box  type cooker.

a)      Why is its interior painted black?
b)      Why is it covered with a double plane glass lid?
c)       Why is a plane mirror reflector used?
d)      What is the optimum temperature obtained by the cooker?
e)      State its any two advantages.
f)       State its any two limitations.
5)      Briefly describe the construction of a photovoltaic cell. State any two uses of the cell.
 6)a) state three common uses of wind energy
            b) How wind energy harnessed in the form of electric energy?
        7) State two advantages and two disadvantages of hydel power
        8) a) How is nuclear energy released by the fission process? How is this energy converted into  
                 electrical energy?
             b) State two limitations of Nuclear power plants.
       9) Answer the following questions regarding the biogas plants.
           a) Name the raw materials used inthis palnts.
           b) What type of chemical reaction takes place within the plant? Define the chemical reaction.
           c) What is slurry?
           d) State the two conditions due to which the slurry changes to biogas.
           e) Why do we prefer biogas , to burning dry biomass?
           f) What is the approximate composition of  biogas?

     10. a) what is polluted air?
           b) How is air polluted by the activities of man?
          c) Name five major pollutants in air. State the harm they can cause to living beings.
11.a) State one way of reducing air pollution in various activities at home.
     b) Sate  one way of reducing pollution of air by big industrial units.
     c) State two ways of reducing air pollution caused by automobiles.