Tuesday, 9 December 2014


1 a) What do you mean by Fossil fuels?

b)    How do you think that fossil fuel may affect the Environment?

2. What are the energies that are not depend on Solar energy?

3.a) What is the use of Resistor in the circuit?

b)Name any three electrical component that uses resisto

4.  What are three benefits or advantages of hydropower?

5.  Differentiate between Solar and Wind energy

6.Draw the diagram in the following situations

a)                  A circuit containing two bulbs and one cell in series.

b)   A circuit containing 4 bulbs, a switch, two cells in series and a voltmeter measuring the voltage across one of the bulbs.

7. Write down the three ways in which heat may he transferred from one place to another

8. Which of the following is the worst conductor of heat?
                air copper vacuum glass rubber stee

9. How is heat transferred by conduction

10. Which is the better conductor, a solid rod of copper or a hollow rod of copper of the same length and diameter

11. Which of the following metals is the best conductor of heat?
        silver   steel   aluminium   copper

12. Why do people wear layers of clothing in the winter and birds fluff up their feathers to keep themselves warm?

13. By what process is heat transferred down a metal rod?

10 Explain the following:
(a) saucepans for use on a hot plate are made with copper bottoms;
(b) these bottoms are made as flat as possible;
(c) the handle of the saucepans are made of wood or plastic