Wednesday, 4 March 2015


  1. For everyday situations, to what is motion assumed to be relative to?

  1. A car travels at a constant speed of 20m/s and yet it does not have a constant velocity. Explain how this could be.

  1. How long will it take a car traveling at a constant speed of 45m/s to cover a distance of 2.5km?

  1. How far will a swimmer travel in 3.0min if her speed is 2.5km/hr?

  1. The starter of a race stands at one end of a line of runners. What is the difference between the arrival of the sound of his pistol at the nearest runner and the most distant runner who is 10.0m farther away? (The speed of sound in air is 343m/s.)

  1. How long will it take light from the Sun to reach the Earth? The distance from Earth to Sun is 1.50x108km, while the speed of light is 3.00x108m/s.

  1. How many minutes does it take light to get from the Sun to the Earth?

  1. A car travels 540km in 4.5hr.
A)    How far will it go in 8.0hr at the same average speed?

B)    How long will it take the car to travel 210km at this average speed?