Wednesday, 4 March 2015


1.            How much net force is needed to accelerate a 15kg mass at 2.8 m/s2?

2.            Delon’s car is dead. He is pushing it to the east out of the parking lot with a force of 250N. carter, being a good friend, comes to help and also pushes east with a force of 75N. If Delon’s car has a mass of 750kg, what is the car’s acceleration?

3.            Hunter is pulling on his little red wagon to the west with a force of 125N. Luke doesn’t want him to take the wagon so he is pulling in the opposite direction with a force of 75N. If the wagon has a mass of 15kg, what is the wagon’s acceleration?

4.            A planes engine is pushing it north with a force of 1250N. The wind is blowing to the east with a force of 125N. If the plane is a 775kg mass, what is the magnitude of its acceleration?

5.            A 50.0kg box is being pulled by two teams of people. Team Bonzo is pulling on the box with a force of 324N @ 40.0˚ N of E. Team Kong is pulling on the box with a force of 856N @ 20.0˚ W of N. What is the resultant acceleration of the box? (There are NINE calculations needed to get to the proper answer!)