Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Speed displacement Problems

1.Define acceleration and State its SI unit.
2.What do you mean by Instantaneous velocity?
3.The Density of water in CGS system is 1 g/cc ,Write its unit in Kg/m3
4.What is a light year?
5.Differeiate between Absolute error and elative error?
6. A mass initially at O, first moves 5m to the right and then 12m to the left .What is the total distance covered by the mass and what is its change in displacement?
7.A car 4.0m long is moving to the left. It is observed that it takes 0.10 s for the car to pass a given point on the road. What is the speed and velocity of the car at this instant of time?
8. An object has a displacement of -5m.It moves a distance to the right equal to 15m and then a distance of 10m to the left. What is the total distance travelled and final displacement of the object? What is the change in displacement of the object?
9.A car of length 4.2 m travelling in a straight line takes 0.56 s to go past a mark on the road. What is the speed of the car?

10.A car starts out from O in a straight line and moves a distance of 20 Km towards the right, and then returns to its starting position 1 hr later.what is the average speed and the average velocity of the trip?