Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Velocity Problems and Physical dimension problems

 1 .Bicyclist A starts with initial displacement zero and moves with velocity 3m/s.At the same
    time:   bicyclist B starts from a point with displacement 200m and moves with velocity      -2m/s  When does A meet B and where are they when this happens?
 2.The initial displacement of a body moving with a constant velocity 5m/s is -10m .When does  the body  reach the point with displacement 10m? What distance does the body cover in this  time?
3. A mass has an initial velocity of 10m/s .It moves with acceleration -2.00 ms-2 .When will    it have zero velocity?
4.Object A starts from the origin with velocity 3m/s and object B starts from the same place with velocity 5m/s , 6 seconds later. When will B catchup with A?
5.An object moving in a straight line has a displacement-time graph as shown in figure
a     Find the average speed for the trip. Find the average velocity for the trip.6. What do you mean by Physical dimension and What are its Uses?

6.Draw roughly velocity-Time graph for an an object moving with constant velocity.

7.Draw roughly distance –time for an object which is at rest.

8.E, m, L, G denote energy, mass, angular momentum & gravitation constant respectively. Then what willbe dimensions of  EL2 /m5G2?

9.If the speed of light (C), acceleration due to gravity(g) and pressure (P) are taken as fundamental units, then find dimensions of gravitational constant (G)

10.what are the different types of Errors and how it could be minimised.

11.Derive equations of motion by using calculus

12.A mass starts out from O with velocity 10m/s and continues moving at this velocity for 5s. The velocity is then abruptly reversed to -5m/s and the object moves at this velocity for 10 s. For this motion find:
a) the change in displacement
b) the total distance travelled
c) the average speed
d)the average velocity