Saturday, 15 October 2016


1. Write two condition when real gases obey the ideal gas equation (PV =nRT). n → number of mole.
2. If the number of molecule in a container is doubled. What will be the effect on the rms speed of the molecules?
3. Draw the graph between P and 1/V (reciprocal of volume) for a prefect gas at constant temperature.
4. Name the factors on which the degree of freedom of gas depends.
5. What is the volume of a gas at absolute zero of temperature?
6. How much volume does one mole of a gas occupy at NTP?
7. What is an ideal gas?
8. The absolute temperature of a gas is increased 3 times what is the effect on the root mean square velocity of the molecules?
9. What is the Kinetic Energy per unit volume of a gas whose pressure is P?
10. A container has equal number of molecules of hydrogen and carbon dioxide. If a fine hole is
     made in the container, then which of the two gases shall leak out rapidly?
11. What is the mean translational Kinetic energy of a perfect gas molecule at temperature T?
12. Why it is not possible to increase the temperature of a gas while keeping its volume and pressure
13. When an automobile travels for a long distance the air pressure in the tyres increases. Why?
14. A gas storage tank has a small leak. The pressure in the tank drop more quickly if the gas is hydrogen than if it is oxygen. Why?
15. Why the land has a higher temperature than the ocean during the day but a lower temperature at night.
16. Helium is a mixture of two isotopes having atomic masses 3g/mol and 4g/mol. In a sample of helium gas, which atoms move faster on average?
17. State Avogadro’s law. Deduce it on the basis of Kinetic theory of gases.
18. Although the velocity of air molecules is nearly 0.5 km/s yet the smell of scent spreads at a much slower rate why.
19. The root mean square (rms) speed of oxygen molecule at certain temperature ‘T’ is ‘V’. If temperature is doubled and oxygen gas dissociates into atomic oxygen what is the speed of atomic oxygen?
20. Two vessels of the same volume are filled with the same gas at the same temperature. If the pressure of the gas in these vessels be in the ratio 1 : 2 then state
(i) The ratio of the rms speeds of the molecules.
(ii) The ratio of the number of molecules.
21. Why gases at high pressure and low temperature show large deviation from ideal gas behaviour.
22. A gas is filled in a cylinder fitted with a piston at a definite temperature and pressure. Why the pressure of the gas decreases when the piston is pulled out.