Saturday, 15 October 2016


1. Why spark is produced when two substances are struck hard against each other?
2. What is the specific heat of a gas in an isothermal process.
3. On what factors, does the efficiency of Carnot engine depend?
4. What are two essential features of Carnot’s ideal heat engine.
5. Plot a graph between internal energy U and Temperature (T) of an ideal gas.
6. Refrigerator transfers heat from cold body to a hot body. Does this violate the second law of thermodynamics.
7. Is it possible to increase the temperature of gas without giving it heat?
8. Can the specific heat of a gas be infinity?
9. Out of the parameters : temperature, pressure, work and volume, which parameter does not characterise the thermodynamics state of matter?
10. Why a gas is cooled when expanded?
11. On what factors, the efficiency of a Carnot engine depends?
12. Heat is supplied to a system, but its internal energy does not increase.
What is the process involved?
13. Under what ideal condition the efficiency of a Carnot engine be 100%.
14. Which thermodynamic variable is defined by the first law of thermodynamics?
15. If coefficient of performance of a refrigerator a constant quantity?
16. What is the efficiency of carnot engine working between ice point and steam point?
17. Heat cannot flow itself from a body at lower temperature to a body
at higher temperature is a statement or consequence of which low of thermodynamics?
18. What is the specific heat of a gas in an adiabatic process.