Monday, 10 October 2016


Q1. Under what condition is the average velocity equal the instantaneous velocity ?
Q2. Draw Position time graph of two objects, A & B moving along a straight line, when their relative velocity is zero.
Q3. Suggest a situation in which an object is accelerated and have constant speed.
Q4. Two balls of different masses are thrown vertically upward with same initial velocity. Maximum heights attained by them are h1 and h2 respectively what is h1/h2 ?
Q5. A car moving with velocity of 50 kmh–1 on a straight road is ahead of a jeep moving with velocity 75 kmh–1. How would the relative velocity be altered if jeep is ahead of car?
Q6. Which of the two-linear velocity or the linear acceleration gives the direction of motion of a body?
Q7. Will the displacement of a particle change on changing the position of origin of the coordinate system?
Q8. If the instantaneous velocity of a particle is zero, will its instantaneous acceleration be necessarily zero.?
Q9. A Projectile is fired with Kinetic energy 1 KJ. If the range is maximum, what is its Kinetic energy, at the highest point ?
Q10. Write an example of zero vector.
Q11. State the essential condition for the addition of vectors.
Q12. What is the maximum number of component into which a vector can be resolved?
Q13. A body projected horizontally moves with the same horizontal velocity although it moves under gravity. Why?
Q14. What is the angle between velocity and acceleration at the highest point of a projectile motion?
Q15. When does (i) height attained by a projectile maximum? (ii) horizontal range is maximum?
Q16. What is the angle between velocity vector and acceleration vector in uniform circular motion?
Q17. A particle is in clockwise uniform circular motion the direction of its acceleration is radially
        inward. If sense of rotation or particle is anticlockwise then what is the direction of its
Q18. A train is moving on a straight track with acceleration a. A passenger drops a stone. What is
       the acceleration of stone with respect to passenger?
Q19. What is the average value of acceleration vector in uniform circular motion over one cycle?
Q20. Does a vector quantity depends upon frame of reference chosen ?
Q21. What is the angular velocity of the hour hand of a clock?
Q22. What is the source of centripetal acceleration for earth to go round the sun?